snapshot of a weekend: a weekend to myself.

1. since i have been on the go all summer, i totally forgot that saturday meant farmers market. everything at the union square farmers market always looks so beautiful, but i am always drawn to drumlin farm's stand.

2. even though i spent the whole weekend with just myself and spent most of it cleaning and organizing, it didn't mean i had to sacrifice a good dinner. after hours of cleaning, i cleaned myself off and headed to one of my favorite somerville spots, highland kitchen, found the only free seat at the bar and had a few cocktails and some good food.

3. after dinner, i took the long way home. i walked through the food and fire festival in union square and of course, checked out the super moon.

4. sunday started off early. 7am early. i was up and out the door. walking through a very, very quiet somerville.

5. and the outcome of that very early walk was this. my favorite somerville coffee shop, bloc 11, made me a very yummy iced latte. this really helped pump me up for day two of cleaning and organizing.

6. i took a two hour break from cleaning on sunday. i walked to harvard square. i treated myself to lunch at my favorite place in the square (yes, this was a weekend of favorite places), crema, and then went to anthropologie. it was the second to last day of employee appreciation and there were, of course, things i NEEDED to get.

7. as i worked hard all weekend, this was what my cats did. mostly the same position, just in different places, all day long. oh the life of a cat. (if you want to see them sleeping in other ways, just check out my instagram..)

l'occitane: from france to maine.

it is not often that i actually go to the maine mall, but every time i do there seems to be another good store opening. first it was apple and then we got a 'real' j. crew store (not just an outlet). and now we get l'occitane.

i was offered a tour of their new space and was excited to see it. i am already a huge fan of their shea butter hand cream and the ultra fabulous creme divine. if you are looking for a super soft, silky, not greasy, not smelly hand cream, this will be your forever go to. it is seriously that good. 

as a huge fan of anything lavender, i was excited to see how big their collection was. they not only had lavender product, but bundles of dried lavender decorated the space. their product has that good kind of lavender smell that isn't too soapy, but the kind that is calming and relaxing. i don't know about you, but that is the kind i need!

if you are at the mall, you may want to stop in just to see and smell the lavender bundles. its one of the little things in life that make me happy..

new york city: a trip mostly about food + coffee.

broadway bites, a culinary pop-up. this was mexicue.

the city. i will forever love the tall buildings standing so close to one another. it will never get old.

things you see on the street: a row boat + casket.

inside studio 54 seeing cabaret will alan cumming and michelle williams. amazing. 
shh.. don't tell anyone i took a photo in the theater.

my sister + the city. 

everyman espresso. the latte was magical.

storefront envy. stock vintage. love this building and the store looked pretty great too.

so much awesome happening here.


the butcher's daughter's bathroom plus a bonus selfie.

the butcher's daughter: fresh juice and fresh food. really good.

adult trike.


need i say more?

dandelion puff.

sister sister.

momofuku milk bar crack pie. i don't know what crack is like, but i would say this is probably close.


cooling down with a little slush. natural, of course.

local love: rennes.

two really cool things happened at the same time on friday afternoon. i was checking instagram, per usual, and saw my sister tagged me in a photo. on first glance, i thought it was a photo of something she updated in her apartment, but then realized it wasn't her photo. someone was selling a mid-century modern chest for pickup only in boston. without thinking, i emailed saying i was interested. i got an email back saying it was mine! cool. awesome. totally excited.

extra storage // extra seating

the standard red cedar chest company // need to try + clean off the label still

the second cool thing was that i found out about this company out of boston called rennes. they design and create bags and clothing right here in massachusetts. and they are beautiful.

not only did i get this beautiful new chest, but i got a glimpse of the beautiful apartment it was leaving and met julie, the creator of these beautiful pieces. to be honest, she was exactly as i had pictured her in my mind after looking at her website. i'm sure you can all find something to lust after on her site like i have!